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A lot of us love writing our content and doing the whole blog thing. However, some of us really dread the designing aspect of it all. We might hate making our printables, Ebooks and gift guides. Maybe we have never thought of some design ideas that might help our readers visit more areas of our website. Something that might encourage a sale or take a reader to another article we have written.


BEFORE WE GET TO THE VISUAL SAMPLES .. LETS TALK VIDEO. Don’t we all know that videos seem to grab people faster than text? Yes, of course we do. But who has the time to learn all of that, then make them?? I do. And I offer two styles .. They both be uploaded as an MP4 and shared on your site, on Youtube, on social media, On pinterest and thru email. I will tell you. They are bringing more traffic to my site than nearly anything else.

#1: A simple slide show video with music. Here is a sample

For the above (slide show style) video style a price example: You send me 6 photos and the text you want on each photo plus your website addy and it would cost roughly $10. Average additional slides would be $2. each. For more information contact me via the contact form in our menu or email me at


#2. A talking avatar video. Here’s a sample:

Here is another one I did for the gardening part of my own website.

For the above (talking avatar style) video style a price example: You send me the text you want the avatar to say. (Up to 1 minute), plus your website addy, phone number or other contact info along with and it would cost roughly $25. Additional length would raise the price. For more information contact me via the contact form in our menu or email me at


Ok.. On to the visuals

If your like me you share your blog articles on your Business page or even personal page on Facebook and elsewhere. Many times they seem to receive little attention or click thou’s. Yet, if you just write a little post of share a personal photo, it seems to grab more attention. Facebook, as an example, seems to show your personal posts and photos far more than links.

I did an experiment on Facebook recently with several article links vs a design I made for my blog. (example below) and I got far more likes and clicks with these type of ads. Of course we can’t link it directly thru the design/pic, but we can add the link into the ad, above the pic or in the comments. These start at just $5.

We all have various affiliate programs such as Amazon or for companies thru places like shareasale.

Some of us have a special company or two we affiliate for that doesn’t offer banners. I have one. Because I really like their products and want to promote them, I make my own sales banners. Of course I got approval from them to use their logo and product photos. I even made my own brochure for one company.

But that’s not all. We can make banners for our own things. Our library, our printables, other pages and more.. We can link right to those banners.

Following are some samples

Banners I have designed and use within my blog: Imagine all the ideas. Link to your other pages or posts. Holiday themes, and more. (These start at $5.)

Following are some Social Media posts I have designed. Contact me to discuss further. These start at just $5.

Sample printable PDFs. These start at just $10.

GIFT GUIDES: — Starting at $50.

You can find all of my gift guides HERE .. They will give you a good idea of what might work for you. I have both Blog Post Gift Guides and PDF

For those who just don’t want to do it you might find my services to be helpful to you. Oh, and affordable as well.

We will design them with your text, photos, and thoughts.
We take payment thru Paypal and it’s dependent on what and how much you want done. I will give you a quote after we discuss what you want and you will get a sample to approve before payment. Contact me from the menu

If nothing else — this might have given you some ideas to try on your own