Burning Sage Smudge

Smudging is a very old traditional ceremony that is used for several reasons, including —–
To purify and clean the air.
To remove negativity from an area or person and restore balance to that area or person.
To encourage goodness to come to an area or person.
To cleanse out negative energy and to replenish positive, healing energy.
To encourage a healthy body and mind.
It is used in a space, on yourself or on another.

Smudging is done by burning specific plant material. The plant materials used do not generally flame and burn. After being lit, any small flame goes out to leave a smoldering. The smoke arises from these plants and it is with the smoke that the smudging is done.

What We offer

At BURNING SAGE SMUDGE we carry several loose leaf smudge blends and smudge sticks all ready for your smudge bowl. What is pictured below is what we have available right now. We will soon be adding smudging tobacco into our loose leaf mixes.

These blends come in 3×4″ bags – with instructions.. Shipping is $3.85 per 1 bag and $4.00 per 2 bags.

Our Smudge stick inventory at this time consists of White Sage, Cedar/Juniper, Silver Sage and Silver Sage and Juniper mixed. They very in price.

Right now our items are not in the store. We expect to add them in the near future as our inventory grows. FOR NOW, if your interested please contact us with the contact form found in the menu at the top or email me at 44tanishi44@gmail.com

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