Why You Should Be Walking

Walking is the most popular exercise there is and for good reason.

Walking is considered an aerobic exercise, and is one that nearly anyone can do. That is one reason it is so popular. Another reason is that it’s a low impact exercise so it’s much easier on our body than some other ones.

There are many health benefits to developing a daily walking plan for yourself. The Mayo Clinic says A daily brisk walk can help you live a healthier life with the following benefits.
-Maintain a healthy weight and lose body fat
-Prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer and type 2 diabetes
-Improve cardiovascular fitness
-Strengthen your bones and muscles
-Improve muscle endurance
-Increase energy levels
-Improve your mood, cognition, memory and sleep
-Improve your balance and coordination
-Strengthen immune system
-Reduce stress and tension

WOW, that’s quite a list but there are more benefits. Just getting outside and breathing fresh air is invigorating. Enjoying the sights and sounds along the way as you walk can enhance our senses. The BIGGEST REWARD of all is when we start to see and feel the difference

The above list should give us the motivation we need to get going. And yet, many still resist. There are a lot of reasons people do not start a daily walking plan. Most people say they are just to busy to find time to do it. Some say it’s because they think it will be boring. Maybe your overweight and it just seems like it would be to hard. Maybe you have tried it and your feet hurt to much to continue or maybe you were not sure just how to get going the right way that would make it enjoyable while gaining the many health benefits from it.


………..you had a complete guide to starting your walking program? One that explains the best way to get started with finding the right shoes to making it fun and even profitable for your favorite charity.

Today is your lucky day

…….because I have put together a 25 page guided Ebook that covers everything you need to know to start your walking program and enjoy it. Yes I said ENJOY it.

This program covers a variety of topics from how to buy the right shoes, how to track your progress, bringing purpose to your walking, having fun while walking, tips to handle bad weather while walking and so much more.. PLUS.. A FREE Walking log.

For a very short time you can get the guide for a low introductory price of just $12.00 (Normal Price is $24.00)

This price will not last long. So check it out now.


2 thoughts on “Why You Should Be Walking

  1. Sorry about your air conditioner. Hope you guys got it fixed. For fun I paint, bike, play board games with neighbors, am in a book club, write, and garden. Great article as I love to walk. Walk 6 to 8 miles a day! :)))

    • That’s great. Sounds like you keep busy. Thanks for commenting.

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