Deals and Steals for the Kitchen

Who doesn’t like a good deal? Especially when it comes to our kitchen. I sure do. I am always looking for a bargain when it comes to an item I need in the kitchen. But…. it can’t just be a good price. It has to be quality as well.

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I was “wander” shopping today. Do you ever do that? It’s not a good habit to get into.. LOL And.. I sure do have better things I should be doing. But.. a little break in the action is also good. And, believe it or not.. I have never been in the warehouse before. Oh good grief.

I do have the big Ninja set up and use it nearly every day for one thing or another. But I was thinking one of the smaller versions would come in handy as well.

Who makes waffles? I used to until my waffle maker quit about three years ago. And we like waffles. Oh I know, pretty much the same thing as a pancake but really much easier than flipping those cakes. I got to thinking we don’t eat the often and just the two of us. Maybe a mini maker.

Who uses an air fryer? I have never used one but they are very interesting. I have been considering one mostly due to the oil thing. I mean 1 tablespoon of oil verses a pan full has got to be a good thing. I would love to hear about it if you use one.

I don’t drink coffee. Don’t freak out. I used to drink it by the gallon. I stopped doing that about 30 years ago. No, its been 35 at least. I have not had a single cup of coffee in all that time. I drink a lot of tea thou. Yep, every morning before anything else I have to have my tea.

My husband drinks coffee thou. We live a block away from a locally owned little convenient store. They get the coffee on every morning about 6 am. My husband goes over to get his cup and sometimes goes back for a second one. I have thought about getting him one of those mini coffee makers for his birthday. But….. I kinda think he likes to go over and shoot the bull and the coffee is more of an excuse than anything.

Maybe not a coffee maker but I know he would really like a cup warmer. He always complains about his coffee getting cold before he drinks it all. I have the same trouble with my tea. It sits here next to me and I get busy, forget it, and soon it’s cold. So maybe two mug warmers.

Ok… I have to get out of the warehouse. But I do want to share this with you. Years ago now I bought these green storage containers for food. I have used them for everything. Storing food in the fridge. Storing leftovers in the freezer. I have used some of them under plants when I ran out of trays. We have packed travel lunches in them and so many other things I cannot even remember them all. They never seem to wear out. They have taken a beating for years now and I have not had to replace them. I would personally call them one of the best buys and best bargains I have ever made.

I am done now except this thing. I love breakfast sandwiches but I do not like the fast food places. Besides.. It’s 50 miles to the nearest one. LOL .. My husband makes me one about once a week but such a mess in the kitchen. A pan for the sausage. Another pan for the egg. Melting the cheese.. OM gosh its a mess to clean up. I saw this.. Maybe ??

That’s it. I am out of there. Gotta get back to something productive. If you have and great kitchen things that you just would not be without — please share. I am always looking for something to make our life easier in the kitchen.


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