It Truly is a MAGIC WAND

I, seriously, had no ideas of all the benefits and uses of this gadget until I got it. I call it my Magic Wand for good reason and I had to share with you all.

If you have ever had a professional massage you know how great it feels. Ahhhh, the relaxation that comes with the loosening of our muscles. I always feel so good afterwards.

There are so many health benefits that go along with it. In short: Massage improves circulation and relaxes our muscles — this, in turn — can improve sleep, boost immunity, offer relief from anxiety and improve the health of our skin. It can aid with better heart health, less pain, better digestion and much more.

Researchers have determined that just one massage produces measurable changes in the immune systems of healthy adults by increasing the white blood cell count. This same study also found a decrease in stress-induced cortisol.

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Hand Massager’s of old are OUT

The hand massagers of today are (( IN )) … and in a big way because they target areas with a lot more power than ever before. The pressure is similar to a deep tissue massage and your able to do it at home. They increase circulation and apply concentrated pressure to specific areas. Not only are they helpful with general aches and pains, but the pulsating effect penetrates deep into soft tissue and can work out knots and soreness.

Using this type of massager helps to loosen up your muscles which gives you more flexibility. Thus, we get a better range of motion and have less pain when we exercise.

I have arthritic pain in my knee and hip. It has been very painful to try to do any kind of weight bearing exercise. This includes something as simple as walking. Avoiding exercise makes matters worse. Gritting my teeth and forcing exercise was not my cup of tea either. It doesn’t make sense to grind on those joints that might already be grinding away as it is.

To start with, my ND (naturopathic doctor) recommended using a recumbent bike. This helped me to exercise without putting the weight on the joints. That was definitely a big help and I had newfound enthusiasm to exercise.

But it was nothing compared to the benefits of combining the hand held massager and that bike. BINGO.

I start by using the massager to loosen muscles and increase blood flow by targeting the thigh and calf muscles before getting on the bike. This increases flexibility which then gives me greater range of motion. Oh what a difference. Exercising is almost enjoyable now……….. Best of all… it has put any little thoughts of surgery on the back burner – for now.

That’s Not All

Due to the increase in circulation it can aid in decreasing neuropathy pain.

It can also bring a lot of relief to those who workout on a regular basis. By using one of these massagers on our muscles we can become more loose and flexible. The more flexible, the greater our range of motion — thus — we can exercise more effectively.

I have read that light use, with the right attachment, used over the lung area can loosen up phlegm and be helpful to people with COPD or other respiratory issues.

These hand held massagers can help out with many of the same issues you may seek a massage therapist for. And it’s nice to be able to use it in the privacy of our own home.

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AND, they can travel anywhere we go. Pack it in the suit case, throw it in the camper, take it on a road trip, take it to work and use it on a break.

Choosing the right one

It goes without saying — there are a variety of these hand held massagers out there. Some are excellent choices, some are just so-so and some are not at all what they may be advertised to be.

Cordless is good. Who wants a lot of cord dragging around. I also like to see a quality selection of attachments. I have found that I use about 4 different ones for various things. Mine even has a scalp massager head.. Oh I love that. Some of them even have heat. Mine doesn’t, but mine does have a lifetime warranty.

I was lucky to be able to test one in advance. My Chiropractor had one on the counter in her office. While waiting I grabbed it, turned it on and went to work on myself. Well… I was sold and when I got home I ordered one up.

For me, the shape and size was of high priority. What good does it do if it is not easy to handle, won’t reach where we need it and is not comfortable to hold?

Some of them are dedicated to specific, targeted areas. I wanted one versatile enough to use for most issues and in most areas of my body.

As some of you know… I am a research GEEK. I may spend hours doing research before placing an order for an item. After using the one in my Chiropractors office .. you might have thought I would have purchased that one. It is advertised everywhere you look and it started out at the top of my list. But I found another one very similar. It only had one motor instead of two, but it had a lifetime warranty. The price was a little more to my liking. Other than that, they were nearly identical in size, shape and attachments.

I feel I made the right choice for me. I cannot imagine having more power than the one I have. I rarely turn it all the way up.

If you have one then you know what I have been talking about. If not, you may want to give it some thought. If so, I hope this article can be of some help in your search.

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Linda Carlson – Certified Nutrition & Wellness Counselor (retired) with 25+ years background.

Disclaimer This article is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide or replace medical advice. Neither Linda Carlson nor OnlyToday website takes responsibility for possible health consequences of any person or persons reading or following the information within this article.

5 thoughts on “It Truly is a MAGIC WAND

  1. We have one that I use on my husbands shoulders and back. It works miracles!

  2. I don’t have one of these, but do use ones without motors on my clients at the gym to loosen stiff areas. It’s definitely a workout for me using the nonmotorized ones, maybe I should get one with a motor!

    • They are really powerful.. One of the best investments I have made ..

  3. My Mr. has purchased MANY hand held massagers over the years. In fact we have a closet full of them. I don’t care for any of them. Is the Renphro ad the one you bought?

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