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Are ya wondering what this new “Story Telling” category is all about?

Over the years I have had several “happenings” that I refer to as “visits” and “visions”. Some may say it’s just strange, or a dream, or stories I made up. However you wish to preceive it is ok with me.

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I have rarely spoken of these events to people but I have kept a journal of sorts. A few notes about some of the events. One time I did contact another native woman who I knew, in hopes of her interpretation of one particular vision I had. I knew there was some meaning to it, as there was with all of these events. Something I might need to learn or know. I was lost with this one in particular. She told me she did not know, and that she had enough to deal with since she had visits from dead people a lot — and it was extremely uncomfortable for her. I would have liked to know more but she did not want to talk further about it.

I may have told my Daughter or Grandson about one of two of my experiences. Maybe to give them a thought about heightening their own awareness or maybe — just to share it with someone.

I decided to start writing about it. I want to bring back the full content of these events to my mind as a reminder of things I was to learn, understand or pass along to someone. I have added other stories as well.

You can take from these writings what you will. You can enjoy your wondering.. Are they made up stories? Did she really have a vision? You may want to laugh and that is ok too – it is good for us to laugh. Or, you may relate all to well.

If you can relate and have been scared or uncomfortable with similar happenings in your life that you may find some comfort in my stories. You may want to open your mind to the possibility that these things you see and feel, while not spoken of among most folks, are not all that unusual. They may simply be a guide to help you thru a hard time. Maybe an answer to a frustration you have. A way to help you accept something. Possibly a message to be passed to someone else in need of it.

My first experience, that I remember, was over 40 years ago. It is titled Spirit Watchers in Apache Pass.
You will also find other stories that are not a personal event. I will leave it to you to decide what is real and what is fiction.

Stories are linked below

Spirit Watchers in Apache Pass

Spirit Bear’s Message

The Great Serpent Creation Story

Stay tuned… there is more to come……………..

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