What is a Resource Library

So just what the heck is a bloggers Resource Library anyway?

I had a gal that follows my blog tell me she did not understand what a Resource Library was and was a little afraid to go in there. (smile). It prompted me to write this short article in case there are others a little unsure.

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A Resource Library operates along the same lines as a “library” – library. They are, basically, a source of information. However, a normal library that you can physically go into will have all kinds of resources to choose from. You can generally find a book on about anything you want. A website Resource Library is more specific. They offer resources in line with what their website/blog is about. Things that they are knowledgeable about.

If you visit a site that is geared towards beauty (as an example).. Then you will find things in their resource library geared towards beauty. Maybe a print out of their 10 top beautiful skin tips, or the 5 best shampoo’s or a mini eBook about homemade face cream. A Foodie Website will probably have a great variety of recipes, diet tips and little eBooks on various food topics.

We do this FREE for our subscribers. It’s kind of a thank you for coming to our website and reading our articles. Thank you for your comments and likes. Thanks for sharing our article or pinning it to Pinterest.

We really want you to like what we offer in our Resource Library. We hope you find helpful and useful information. We hope you love the pretty things we make.

In my own case, my site is geared towards Health & Wellness with a little Gardening thrown in. I like to offer print outs that my readers find useful for a variety of health topics. Things they can print out or save and use. Such as healthy recipes, supplement tips, weight loss guides, herbs for health and a lot more.

It’s a lot of work designing them, turning them into PDFs for print-ability and getting them up on the site. But worth it if it’s useful to others.

All that we ask in return is for the reader to subscribe to our website. By doing so it gives them instant access to the FREE library for as long as they are a subscriber.

It also means they will get our newsletters. Oh my gosh I have to tell you, I subscribe to some that send me stuff every single day. Noooooo… I don’t like that. I send out one weekly newsletter and that’s it.

The other cool thing about the FREE library is they grow and grow. We are always adding new things in there.

If you are a subscriber to my site/blog. I do hope you are checking out the FREE library. It’s not some kind of catch. You won’t find a sales pitch in the middle of a recipe or anything like that. LOL. It’s just a page on my site that is password protected so only YOU the subscribers have access to it.

I sincerely hope you go take a look and give it a try. Then let me know what you think. And tell me what else you would like to see in there. What else would be helpful to you?

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3 thoughts on “What is a Resource Library

  1. Good explanation! I never thought about the fact that someone might not know what it was or why they’d want to visit!!
    🙂 gwingal

  2. Thanks for your explanation regarding your resource library. I know some bloggers place sources like checklists in their libraries.

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