The Sneaky Weight Loss Thief

I and some of my past clients have lost an average of 30lbs in approximately 10 weeks – so – I know weight loss can be done without a lot of effort.

Both my husband and I took a new approach to weight loss about 14 years ago and without any crazy diet or exercise program. We got fed up with being overweight and having the onset of some health issues, some of which were due to the excess weight.

Weight Loss

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You know the old story about how the mechanics car breaks down because he is so busy fixing everyone else’s cars he neglects his own? Well that was me. I was so busy trying to help others find a path to better health – while – neglecting my own. Not totally, but I knew for awhile there was more I could do.

Hubby and I hit this thing together. Of course he did not have much choice since I did the cooking. Thankfully he was on board with it all. We began by giving up fast foods and ditching a lot of processed foods. Yes, we also jumped on the organic bandwagon too. We cut the meat back and added more veggies. The weight loss started happening fast.

I had been learning a lot about the additives in much of what I now call “fake food.” Some of them were addictive. I remember hubby having a heck of a time kicking diet soda. Thankfully I was never into soda. I was having enough trouble with the processed sugar and msg.

You can learn a lot more about how we did it plus so much more, in my recent book.

Within about 10 weeks we lost nearly all of our “excess” weight. 32lbs for me and 28lbs for hubby. When you feed your body the nutrition it needs, it seems to be very grateful and gives you rewards.
Besides the weight loss, my skin, hair and nails improved greatly. I felt and looked better all the way around with all that fat gone.

I remember one client losing over 100 lbs in a year plus another 80 or so over some more time. She also got off all of her RX drugs. Others also went to their optimal weight.

That sneaky weight loss thief: Some lost a few pounds and then stopped abruptly and some never lost any. I found this baffling until we started putting the pieces together. Nearly every one of these people were on one or more RX drugs that had “weight gain” as a side effect.

What I found thru my research and thru discussions with clients who were following a healthy program was an undeniable link to the lack of weight loss and various prescription drugs. More recently I was able to confirm this with my own experience.

A couple years back my Afib (arterial fibrillation) turned into a serious enough issue that it required hospitalization and a prescription drug to get it under control. Within a couple of months I began to gain weight. After many years of staying at my healthy weight – bang, suddenly there it was. Over the next year I gained 25lbs. and then stopped abruptly. I was angry. To have worked so hard to learn and change and now this. Not only angry but it was not helping anything. I had mild arthritis turn into a much worse case. Not only due to the weight gain but the same drug also had side effects of joint pain and muscle ache (CODE for – I will deteriorate your bones.)

At least – the weight gain had stopped. Well.. until another bout of AFib last winter put me back in the hospital again. 10 hours of straight fibrillation and they could not even stop it with a electrical cardioversion (the paddles.) New drugs were in order. The good news was they worked far better than the old and I felt better than I had in years. The bad news… the arthritis pain went crazy and the weight gain started again.

Weight Loss

After I got home I looked up these two drugs and both of them had “joint pain, muscle aches etc….” and both had weight gain as well. So far its been an extra 5lbs. It seems to have stopped there but that does no make me any less angry about the side effects of these drugs wreaking total havoc on my body. Not to mention my disgust with my view in the mirror.

The bottom line here is that a great variety of Rx drugs can hinder or stop your weight loss. A little good news thou — many people can get off some of their drugs when they make some healthy changes. Things like high cholesterol and blood pressure can and do get better or go away all together. Then the drugs can go away as well. Then the weight loss will come. Understanding this can encourage patience to keep going. I have seen it happen again and again. Don’t give up just because the weight loss isn’t the first thing to happen.

Others of us might not be so lucky. As most of my readers know I really hate Rx drugs. They cause such destruction to the human body. I encourage people to do whatever they can to find a healthy, more natural way to go after their health issues and get off the script drugs whenever possible. It can be done more often than not.

There are times and their are issues that may not have an alternative. Believe me, I have spent the last 4 years researching and trying everything under the sun to gain enough control over the Afib to get off the script drugs. So far, nothing has worked over the long term. However, I never discourage people from doing all they can to move towards better health because it can and does help our body to keep fighting. Our conditions could be far worse without it.

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Linda Carlson- Author – Certified Nutrition & Wellness Counselor (retired) with 25+ years background.

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7 thoughts on “The Sneaky Weight Loss Thief

  1. Hope your readers will seriously take these suggestions. So grateful for you in my life and all the changes to my health. Was at least 250 lbs. when I met you 15 years ago. Today, am no longer on any medication (off antidepressants/anxiety/thyroid/narcotic pain/aspirin/etc.) no longer drink sodas or eat junk food, and am a healthy 133 pounds. I’m sleeping well and enjoying afternoon naps. It took dedication and time. At 65 years of age I’m now walking twice a day and been enjoying beautiful sunrises on my new used bike. Thank you SO much!!!

    • You are a walking testimonial to what can be done when we take a serious stance for better health.. Love ya..

  2. Prescription drugs can be so awful! There are some that are necessary (sounds like your afib drug is one of those!) but so many just aren’t. Hubby is a type 2 diabetic (not overweight, it’s genetic), but besides the oral diabetes drugs, docs wanted him to take blood pressure med and statin “just in case, because it’s protocol”. Um, no. His dad died of nonalcoholic liver disease and they want him on statins for the next 30 years? Really, NO! I wish I could get him off the diabetes drugs, but he’s just not on board with all the dietary changes that would be required.

    • I certainly understand your husbands ideas. When I was still working with clients I remember two Type 2 who told me right out.. Nope.. not giving up my “this” or “that”.. Some just prefer the drugs. On the upside thou.. I have had 3 clients who did away with their type 2 completely.

  3. You bring up some really important issues here, Linda. There just isn’t nearly enough info about the link between weight gain and prescription drugs – nor about alternatives. Thank you for the post!

  4. I remember the days when I used to by 9 12 packs of soda every time I went to the grocery store and didn’t think a thing about it. First off, I didn’t even realize soda was bad for me and…it was diet soda on top of it so even better for me right? It was easier for me to stop drinking than it was was than it was than it was for my son I eased him off by giving him juice instead and then watering down the juices. But wow, that wasn’t easy to get off!

    With many diet changes over the years coupled with a mysterious stomach issue I have lost 60 lbs. The main changes I’ve made are a huge cut in red meat. I used to eat red meat about 4-5 days a week – something I learned growing up should be the norm. Now I might eat red meat once, possibly twice a month. Funny thing about that is, where before it would be a steak or roast a night, now it will be pieces of red meat within a meal. That makes a big difference.

    After having knee replacement surgery on one knee in November 2018 I am now walking without a cane for the first time in I can’t remember in I can’t remember how many years.

    When I look at the benefits I’ve gained from the changes I’ve made, it makes me want to continue making more changes. I’ve made some slowly and others a bit faster but I hope to continue to learn and grow.

  5. Side effects. So many side effects. I do wish I could get my Mr. Menace to eat a better diet, but he is determined to enjoy his last meals. LOL
    🙂 gwingal

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