Clearing up misconceptions

Some have a misconception of what my book might be about.. NO, it’s not about dumping your Doctor. Following is the table of contents to give you an idea. ……


Section 1: Removing Roadblocks

Roadblock #1 The Natural Human Body
Roadblock #2: We Have Choices
Roadblock #3 Becoming Informed

Section 2: Motivation

What Motivates Us
Fear Is the Best Inspiration
Doctors Don’t Have Wings
My Friends Keep Dying
The Good Motivation
Why Don’t We Care Enough

Section 3: Changes

Joan’s Journey
Reasons To Change
Crowding Out
Supplements 101
Herbs & Spices 101
Essential Oils 101
Messing With Our Food
Helping Our Immune System Keep Us Well
The Barter Method
Saving Time
Tips & Changes
Sleep and Stress


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