No one wants to come down with a disease. People do not want to be sick or overweight. The question is, do we “not” want these things bad enough to consider taking preventative measures ahead of the problems? The answer to that varies, but, it seems, a lot of folks give it little thought until they have the disease, until they are sick, until they grow so overweight it because a serious health concern.

Why? I have wondered about these things for a good many years. I can run many possible answers thru my own mind. Maybe they do not believe in prevention. Maybe they don’t really understand what the right fuel is to help their bodies stay healthy. Maybe they have no idea how the immune system works. Maybe they just choose to ignore it and hope for the best.

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It’s those thoughts in that fire me to write about it. Because, if it is a lack of knowledge, then, maybe what I have learned can be helpful when shared. Maybe with the knowledge it might motivate some to take a look at making some changes to better fuel their body for prevention or to reverse the issue at hand.

More frustrating to me, are those who DO understand and still choose to ignore. These are the people that confuse me the most. I have asked –and some of the answers I got were they did not have the time, and/or, they could not afford healthier choices. In my recent book Breaking Free From the Medical Matrix,” I bust some of those myths and offer some easy and affordable suggestions.

Others prefer to go with “it’s genetic”.. I won’t go into a long boring explanation of why I believe, that– for the most part — it’s not genetic. However, I will say this, most of what we inherit are “habits.”” Basically — we create our own environment.

Our body, like any living thing, needs fuel in order keep everything working properly and avoid disruption. Each of our body systems relies on the others to work well. Working together, these systems maintain internal stability and balance, otherwise known as homeostasis. In turn, a disruption within one system generally has consequences for several additional body systems. Once we get back to this basic understanding, we can take a more realistic view of our body and our health.

Simply put, if we do not provide the best fuel for our body to function well and for our immune system to protect us, we will face the consequences, at some point down the road. Disease, sickness and weight gain are not spontaneous. They do not “”just”” happen out of no where for no reason. For every event there is a cause.

You can add a little soda in your car’s gas tank and it might run just fine for a little while. If you add more soda every time you fill up it will start to chug and sputter. But heck, its still running right? We know thou, it won’t keep running for long.
Of course none of us would even think about doing that. It’s ridiculous, right? We all know we need to put gas and oil in our vehicle. Even if the Soda is cheaper we would never put it in the tank. Right?

We take better care of our vehicle then our own body. We might want to take better care of our body…. after all…. it’s the only place we have to live.

Linda Carlson – Certified Nutrition & Wellness Counselor (retired) with 25+ years background.

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3 thoughts on “SODA IN THE GAS TANK..

  1. Unfortunately, for many people, popping a pill is easier than actually doing something about the root of the problem. They’d rather just take the pill than make the change.

  2. I do love “soda!” But I have cut it back to only one a day… there was a time I drank it for all occasions!!! But as a whole, I eat pretty good. Love my vegetables. They make fun of me at work because I always have broccoli or green beans or cabbage…. guess its the farmer in me.
    🙂 gwingal

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