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Everyone is different and therefore everyone has different motivators. Some of these incentives can be money, the drive for success, passion, fear, love, and even hatred. We feel we need more money to take care of our family. We feel we need to be successful in order to compete in the world. We might develop a feeling of passion for something that will drive us. Something might scare us enough to provoke change. We all know that love can make us do a lot of things differently, and so can hate. Our ego can drive us at times. We want to look good, so we may start a gym membership to get into shape for a better physical appearance.

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I don’t know what motivates you, but I can tell you the first thing that got me motivated.

I remember back when I first started thinking more about health. Not my own, of course. Not at that time. It was my husband’s health that really made me think.

He had a terrible accident that left him with a closed head injury. Also known as a traumatic brain injury or TBI, a closed head injury is an injury to the head, usually due to an impact, where there is no penetration of the skull or the brain.

My husband was a mess after his accident. His speech was slurred, he was unbalanced, he had terrible headaches, he developed depression, he was more disoriented, and many more symptoms.

He had to see a neurologist who put him on several Rx drugs for various issues including sleep, depression, and pain. Rather than get better, my husband’s health declined. The drugs did little for the horrible headaches, his depression grew worse, and rather than sleep he seemed lethargic. Now, most folks just go back to the doctor if the drugs do not seem to be working. The doctor gives more drugs, then there are more side effects, and then back to the doctor. It is the medical matrix into which many people fall and often stay for life, and the blind trust is astounding to me.

I had a different look at what was going on with my husband. I saw the drugs were not working and seemed to be making things worse, so why would I want him to be on more drugs? It did not make sense to me. Instead, I decided to see what I could learn about his condition. And learn I did.

You might say fear and love were what motivated me to change course. I loved my husband and I feared for his life. He was no longer the man I knew. He seemed helpless and hopeless. It fired me up to learn all that I could.

We did not have all the online resources back then that we have now, but I did find some information and I bought a couple of books that I found extremely helpful. I began learning how specific vitamins and other supplements might help with some of his issues. We were lucky in that his neurologist was open-minded about medical alternatives and actually encouraged some vitamin therapy. You don’t see that too often today. A good vitamin B complex was one of the first supplements that was encouraged by the Doctor.

Better Health

So that was where it started. We got my husband going on several vitamin regimens and at the same time, we were able to decrease his need for the antidepressant. A good Vitamin D3 was added.

I had read that many of the depression drugs can actually cause more depression. We all know that now, but it was quite a shocker for me back then. As the weeks went on, my husband started to get better. Wow, just wow. That was the fuel that set me off. I could not learn enough after that. Over the next year, we weaned him off all the drugs and had replaced them with a variety of supplements. Vitamin C was another one .

I am not saying that he was all well and back to himself, not by a long shot. But his depression had gone from suicidal thoughts to the occasional off day. His headaches became manageable and his pain lessened.

Over the next few years I learned more about natural food versus processed food. I learned that a lot of what we were eating was filled with loads of sugar, chemicals, dyes, and other toxic ingredients. Our grocery shopping took a big turn. My husband continued to get better and better.

So much more starting happening. We lost all of our excess weight; he lost about 30 lb. and I lost 42 lb. I had struggled with various infections for years that were now all gone. The doctor had wanted to operate on my carpel tunnel, but that disappeared too. My husband and I were both looking and feeling so much better. Passion was my new motivator. Watching my husband slowly return was the frosting on the cake. He is 72-years-old now and not on one single Rx drug. Not one.

You can read more about my motivation in my recent book

I am thankful that I have never lost the motivation for better health. I wanted to help everyone I knew. I eventually went to school and became a certified Nutrition & Wellness counselor so that I could help others on a professional level. Even though I am retired now, I still offer to share what I have learned with anyone who reaches out.

What motivates you?

Linda Carlson – Certified Nutrition & Wellness Counselor (retired) with 25+ years background.

7 thoughts on “Motivation to Better Health

  1. Wonderful post! It’s amazing to me that depression drugs can cause more depression! There is an ad on TV right now that always gets to me. They say something about how a certain percentage (and it’s really high, like 80%) of people on antidepressants are still depressed. However, instead of addressing the fact that maybe those people shouldn’t BE on the drugs to start with, they, of course, offer ANOTHER drug that will supposedly help. If the first one didn’t, why would the second one?? UGH! It’s terrible! So glad you were able to help your hubby with the TBI and the associated after-effects, and that it had a positive impact on you as well!

  2. Wow! My mother had the same motivation for her study of herbs and vitamins. She is so knowledgeable that when I have a question, I just ask her. But you are right in that not many doctors approve of using supplements and fewer drugs. I’ve run into this with my husbands heart problems.
    🙂 gwingal

    • I have had Afib issues for years.. Thankfully have found some natural help.. I kinda mix both allopathic and homeopathic (smile)

      • I’d love to hear more Lina! My husband has 13 stents, 4 bypasses, and last year got a defibrillator.

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  4. Wow, wow, wow. That’s an incredible story!! I’ve heard other success stories about people who went the food and supplement route instead of Rx. I’m currently working on becoming a Certified Transformational Nutritionist because I want to help people (specifically older moms) maximize their health through nutrition, healthy habits and positive mindsets.

    My kids motivate me to be healthy and energized so I can be around for a long time and be an active, present and involved parent.

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