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I don’t know what can be more magical than planting a seed and watching it turn into something that is beauty to the eye, food for the body or both. Personally, I enjoy it more than just about anything I can think of.

It might be nothing more than a slip off a houseplant that takes root, moves to it’s own pot and eventually a full grown beauty.

Maybe it’s a tomato seed that we baby along. It grows and soon gives us juicy, sweet red fruit. I induldge myself with fresh tomato juice thru the growing season.

Or the strawberries that come to us looking rather dead as a bareroot plant, yet, once planted and watered, grow into many strands that burst with sweet red berries.

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Last year we bought 25 bareroot “everbearing” starts and split them with our daughter. We planted them in a 50 gallon grow bag and they went crazy. They must have really liked the warmth of the black fabric because we got more “first year” strawberries then ever before..

A little tidbit about the grow pots: They need fertilizer more often than your “in ground” gardens because the water moves it thru faster. We had good luck with Dr. Earth Organic Vegetable & Herb Fertilizer.

We grow a lot of onions every season because we use a lot of onions. They keep well in the cool basement.

We don’t grow our own garlic. I buy it from an in state organic grower because I love the broad variety they offer. We generally order a couple of pounds every fall. I have no idea how anyone cooks a meal without one or both.

Let us not forget all the flowers. We all have our favorites and one of mine is poppies.. I love the fancy ones and even here in Montana they will often re-seed and come back the next year

Last year we grew a big 100 gallon grow pot full of the most beautiful mixes of poppies. The two varieties I chose both came from Seed Needs. They grew and bloomed very well. Here is a photo of it. I combined some other flowers in there that took over. If I add anything this year it will be much less intrusive…

One was the Somniferum mix in shades of pink, red, lavender and white. The other was Mission Bells — with beautiful, semi-double and double blooms in all sorts of colors including apricot, orange, pink, red, white and yellow. My husband went with zinnias and heavily seeded a whole row along the backyard fence.

More than anything else thou.. I love growing herbs. Not only for their aroma in the garden, and their wonderful flavor addition to most dishes,but for the nutritional value as well. Nothing beats our own homegrown herbs. Here is a great indoor starter kit that can be moved to the garden later or keep indoors where you can snip what you need anytime.

I dry them and put them up to use all winter long. Parsley is one we use a lot of. A blend of rosemary, basil, oregano, thyme, sage and tarragon make a wonderful mix to add to speghetti sauce, among other dishes.

We use a lot of sage. Many of our meals consist of various soups and stews. I could hardly make either without my sage.

What do you enjoy growing?

I love this little company – Sage Work Organics. They are family owned and one of the owners is a Master Herbalist and a Master Gardener. I have tried a couple of their products with great success.

The Health Ranger Store carries many health products from superfoods, supplements, nuts to deodorant. I have used quite a few of them over the years and have never been disappointed.

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6 thoughts on “Let’s Grow it…

  1. girlfridaycreativellcgmailcom

    Hmmmm…I want to try this, but no time right now. I miss little cherry tomatoes. Yummy.

    Thsnks for the post.

  2. Watching a seed start is my favorite springtime activity! it’s so rewarding to watch that plant grow into something you can harvest.

  3. Growing herbs is my favorite too!! I just love everything about herbs. And this year I want to add strawberries to my garden. I can’t wait.
    🙂 gwingal

  4. Brings back memories of Grandma making dolls with poppy’s 🙂 I am not an avid gardener yet lol however love spreading wild flowers and would like to start a herb garden 😊

  5. So jealous of the strawberries! Hubby is making me strawberry boxes this year, although they may be too late to actually grow anything this season. I need to grow my own, though, because I spend waaaayyy too much money on strawberries when they’re in season!

    • We did not plant them till late May last year and they give us a lot of strawberries .. Was a bit shocked they grew so fast.. I am thinking they really like the warmth of the grow bag

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