A few of my older photos

Back in the years of about 2004 to 2010 is when I was an expert Photographer. Ok, just kidding about that, but I was really into photography at the time. Had a lot of high end camera gear and spent a lot of time traveling around taking photos..

I had some down time today and was cleaning up some files and pics when I ran across a small group of photos I had saved as some of my favorites. Thought I would share.

This young fox was laying outside the den. I took this near our place when we lived out at the farm. He or she was not far away but seemed unconcerned with our vehicle or us.

I believe I took this the year we moved out to the farm. I had just dropped off a load of our stuff and was on the drive back out when I spotted this one perched on a fence post along the road.

The wind was screaming as you can probably tell by his ruffled feathers. I had no expectations of getting any good shots with that wind or that he would sit there long enough for me to do so. I rolled down the passenger window and got it from the drivers seat. It could be sharper but I feel lucky to have gotten what I did.

The little fawn brings back memories. My friend and fellow camera enthusiast was with me this day and many days. We would pick a day every week to take a drive somewhere. We would talk, laugh, share stories and take a lot of photos. I took this on one of our excursions. She has passed now and I still miss her.

D’fly Photoz copyright

Hubby and I were driving around the Lincoln, Mt area in a heck of a snow storm. Saw this one in a tree and braved the storm to get a shot. So bold and proud. Seemed little effected by the storm. The photo is nothing fancy but capturing his or her demeanor was priceless.

D’fly Photoz copyright

Pretty proud of this one. I believe we were at the Milwaukee Station in Great Falls, wandering around all the beautiful flowers and practicing our macro technique. I later blew this one up to a large size and entered it in our county fair where I won top honors. Transferring it here doesn’t do it justice. The detail is outstanding if I do say so myself.

D’fly Photoz copyright

I love dragonflies, but I think this might be a damselfly. Either way, I got another good macro. Just an FYI, even with all that fancy camera gear I never shot anything but auto or macro.

D’fly Photoz copyright

An old abandoned farm that was not far from our place. Most everything that was there has fallen down now. Makes me glad I got some shots when I did.

D’fly Photoz copyright

On another one of our day trips we found this old outhouse. We managed to find all kinds of treasures in some strange places we would venture. I believe this was over in the Sand Coulee area and in a very off beaten path.

D’fly Photoz copyright

I will leave you with one of my favorites. It was taken out at the First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park. The park sits kind of between Vaughn and Ulm. That is, if your taking the back roads.

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Hope you enjoyed them. You might also like to go along with us on some of our backroad journey’s around our area with lots of photos. Just click on MY MONTANA

10 thoughts on “A few of my older photos

  1. Still remember when you were taking lots of these photos. Beautiful. My fave is the teepee as well.

  2. I’d call you an expert because these photos are great. You have an eye that captures a different view. If you don’t sell your photos, you should!

  3. What absolutely beautiful pictures! You SHOULD be a professional photographer, if you’re not already!

  4. These are beautiful and my favorite is also the last one….ahhh….just brings a sense of peace.

  5. A beautiful selection of photographs. I particularly like the fox, and the last ones. The depth of colours and the striped landscape are so powerful, and then the white of the teepee so stark and eye-catching in contrast. Would make a great header pic for your blog.

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