What is food?

It’s really not a stupid question.

because there are a lot of “products” out there that are not actually food, or at least, have very little actual food included in the product.

According to the Oxford dictionary the definition of food is: Any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb in order to maintain life and growth. The key word in there is “nutritious”. That means it has nutrients in it.

TRUE STORY: I once had a lady from NY ask me why people garden when you can buy tomatoes in the grocery store. She thought it was appalling that we would want to grow things in dirt.

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If you eat an apple it’s nutritious, because it has various nutrients in it that the body needs. If you eat a Twinkie it’s not nutritious because it has little to no nutrients in it what so ever.

So, your either feeding your body what it needs to do it’s job, or your not. It really is that simple. Sadly –simple or not– people ignore it far to often.

It may be a very wise choice to start the youngsters on good, healthy food at an early age. This will prevent problems later on that so many parents seem to have. You know? When they kids refuse to eat veggies.

The old saying “you are what you eat,” still holds true. No one argues with that. Everyone on the planet knows it’s true. Our bodies are literally manufactured out of the food we consume. Yet, we do what we do.

Consider the fact that since the beginning of time people have survived on organic food. All of it was organic. Now, that word seems to take on an “alternative” meaning. Somehow “organic” is an alternative to everyday normal food. Big Food corporations have had a great deal to do with maneuvering the discussion so it appears that way. They have spent many years, a lot of research and a lot of money to have their advertising tell us that what they are selling us is good for us. The simple truth is that processed foods are the true UN-natural while organic has been, is and always will be the real food.

Learning the difference between real food and fake food starts with reading ingredient labels. Most things that come in a package, box, bag, can or bottle are “processed” foods. The ingredients added make it more appealing to our taste buds. We want it bigger, juicier, saltier, and sweeter.

Three of the main ingredients used to make us go “yum” are highly processed fat, sugar, and salt. They encourage an addictive cycle that many people struggle with. Real foods on the other hand, have natural occurring amino acids, vitamins, minerals, glucose, fatty acids, fiber and many other nutrients that do not perpetuate an addictive issue. (((I wish they did.))) Real foods do not contain artificial additives or preservatives either.

Us, meaning our body, has been in a genuine relationship with food since the beginning of time. We require the full spectrum nutrition for optimal functioning. We are not going to get that from processed foods full of laboratory made things.

Some processing is a GOOD thing. A few examples are cooking, freezing, blending, drying and fermenting. Those things are a far cry from the industry processing that goes on.

Lets just do our best to eat “real” food. We will be healthier and happier.

My book “Breaking Free from the Medical Matrix.” (A Guide) goes into this subject in more depth along with a number of other topics to help you find a healthier version of your self. And if your looking to loose some weight you will find this book very helpful in that area as well.

Linda Carlson – Certified Nutrition & Wellness Counselor (retired) with 25+ years background.

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6 thoughts on “What is food?

  1. I kinda figure if there IS an ingredient list, it’s probably not real food, LOL. I know this isn’t always the case, but if I am going to buy something in a box, bag, can, etc., I always try to go for the shortest ingredient list, and I make sure the ingredients are actual food, not chemicals and additives. I mean, really, natural flavors? Have you ever looked up what “natural flavors” can comprise? It’s terrifying!

    • Oh yes.. natural flavors is pretty scary stuff.. it can be so many things.. Often times is MSG.

  2. great article. lots of good info

  3. Such a simple idea yet so easy to gloss over. If what you’re eating isn’t nutritious it isn’t food!

  4. Growing up on a farm, it amazes me that people are just finding out about what they call “clean eating”. We did it all our growing up lives! 🙂

  5. Thank for the recipe. We love cabbage. Looks like it’ll be delicious.

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