Today is really all we have

I named this website “Only Today” because that is basically how I live my life. One day at a time.

There is a lot to consider when we think about being healthy and happy. It is both physical and emotional. And the path varies with each person.

For our physical health we strive for a healthy diet, some daily exercise, good hydration and we try to avoid toxins when at all possible.

When it comes to our emotional health there are things we all have in common and things we don’t. We all need a way to relieve stress and that can be different for everyone. Some people find an early morning run does the trick while someone else releases stress through quiet time and meditation. The next person may like to escape for awhile with a short story or good book.

Balance is the key, and we, sometimes, think that striking a good balance is nearly impossible. Trying to work a job, take care of family, and take care of ourselves is often times, overwhelming but it is doable if we really want it. We have more power than we may realize.

Our health and well being starts with change. We all have the power within us to make a change “just” for this day. That’s where we start because all we really have is today.

Within the pages of this website “Only Today”, you will find a lot of “health” information, loads of healthy recipes, and a good bit of gardening. Besides that thou – you will also find some photo tours of our little trips and travels around our part of the state. And lastly – you will find my Story Telling section which includes some short reads and an ongoing mystery.

I share all these things because they are either – what I know about or what I enjoy doing. And mostly I enjoy sharing it all with others in hopes that you find something that may help you along your health journey, or just some enjoyment from our photo tours, and/or having some fun reading my stories.

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I am a retired CNWC (Certified Nutrition & Wellness Counselor) with more than 25 years of experience. During my career, I have written health-related articles for a large natural health website, published a Health Tidbits Newsletter, wrote many research papers for clients and have published a book.

I also dabble in fiction writing. The “Who is Jesse Lee” saga became very popular here on my blog. It is now a book available on amazon.. CLICK on the book

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